Get creative!!!

The latest gastronomic trends – creatively served
A treat for gourmet taste buds:

dining platforms replace plates

New aesthetics:

arranging meals on stoneware

Decorative eye-catchers for professional hospitality
The sharing trend – presented with a casual material mix
Rooftop dining:

presenting meals at a high level


A broad palette of suggestions how to showcase your dishes in a completely different and surprising way. Expand your repertoire and place your culinary concepts on sensational platforms made from a variety of materials.

New trends to put your ideas in the limelight!

Restaurant guests today expect a menu that respects their expectations in terms of quality and preparation. First and foremost, it should avoid one thing: boredom.

This is where PLAYGROUND comes in! A flexible, open product range with regular updates that caters to the latest trends in food presentation. Discover some highly unusual items and accessories – collected from all over the world or designed exclusively for PLAYGROUND. 

‘Dining needs to be an entertaining experience for guests that reflects the spirit of the times. If you create an ambience that is fun and that accommodates a certain level of nonchalance or even craziness, there is no question about the future of high-level cuisine.’


Creative casualness for the gastronomy scene

A good example is family-style dining – restaurant meals as cosy and relaxed as eating at home. Simply place everything in the middle! Everyone can serve themselves from bowls, platters and plates served up by the chef.

The simple design of the SEA stoneware collection provides the perfect platform for the trend towards sharing. The striking deep blue glaze of the plates strikes a harmonious balance with a wide range of materials from the PLAYGROUND range: cast iron cocottes, sophisticated wooden menages and melamine serving trays.


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