the story

Once upon a time, not so long ago, chefs reigned like gods and guests paid homage to their art. Etiquette was stiff, the atmosphere was muted and the curtains were heavy. People whispered rather than speak, and most dishes were served on white porcelain. A logo or gold rim was the most exciting feature that eccentrics dared to use ...

And then the international gastronomy scene was shaken by a seismic jolt. A gastronomic ‘big bang’. The desire to present food professionally in a new way – casual and incredibly exciting.

PLAYGROUND represents the pure joy of experimentation – a declaration of love for the art of culinary presentation. Intuitive, humorous and professional. In that sense, PLAYGROUND brings into play an entertaining and varied product range that is regularly updated. It combines the latest trends in food presentation with a repertoire of exciting, sometimes bold accessories and items made from a diverse range of materials.

Who is behind the name?

PLAYGROUND is run by a team of trend scouts who are constantly expanding the PLAYGROUND arsenal. We don’t sit in a quiet room, but travel around the world. We collect ideas and ask renowned designers to create exclusive products for PLAYGROUND. Incidentally, we love porcelain! However, we believe that porcelain accompanied by other interesting serving options results in an even more entertaining presence at the table.

We run PLAYGROUND from our base in Germany. More precisely, from Selb in North Bavaria. Our partners around the world bring the concept of PLAYGROUND to a global audience together with its varied and fresh range of new items and accessories.

Our credo: ‘No limits – just make it WOW!’

"Make it simple, but significant!"


You can explore the entire PLAYGROUND product range in the PLAYGROUND showroom in Selb, North Bavaria, Germany.

More information about the showrooms of BAUSCHER, TAFELSTERN and SCHÖNWALD can be found here.

Simply arrange an appointment today! We look forward to your visit.


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