Product care

Stainless steel

All PLAYGROUND articles made of stainless steel are dishwasher-safe. Burnt food residues can be removed easily from the inside or the bottom of the articles with the abrasive side of a cleaning sponge. Do not use steel wool for cleaning. In general, stainless steel products should not be stored in a damp environment for a longer period of time.

Do not use these articles in a microwave oven.

Serving baskets are for food presentation only – do not use them in a deep fryer.


Sugar cane
The presented disposables consist of 70% sugar cane and 30% FSC wood cellulose,and are completely biodegradable, ecological and sustainable.

Coconut is a natural, very hard and robust material. As a natural product, the dimensions and colour shades are never the same and can vary. The products are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


The felt used as a stand for the presented vases is an industrial felt and is not intended to come into contact with food. It is for decoration purposes only. Should it become dirty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth or vacuumed with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. As felt is a natural product, slight colour variations may occur.


All glass items are dishwasher safe and – after removing metal holders – microwave safe.

Cast iron

Pots and pans made of cast iron are suitable for all kinds of ovens except for microwave. Never place hot items directly onto unprotected surfaces.

Uncoated pots and pans Rapeseed oil has been used in the firing process of this kind of material. In order to avoid corrosion, cast iron products should always be slightly greased with cooking oil. Before using it for the first time, rinse the cast iron products under clean running water. Used items should be cleaned with hot water only – do not use dishwashing liquids. Recommendation: Clean the rustic pots and pans with paper towels only. To remove burnt food particles a “peeling” can be done from time to time by rubbing 2 tablespoons of salt with a dry tea towel. 

Enameled cookware can be cleaned in the dishwasher, if necessary. There is no need to grease these products before storing, but make sure that they are dried properly.

Teapots made of cast iron 
Before using it for the first time, rinse the teapot thoroughly several times with warm water. Heat the teapot only if it is filled by at least two thirds. Cast iron teapots are suitable for all ovens and cookers except for gas cookers. By no means may it be heated in a microwave. Having used the teapot, please rinse it with warm water only. It is not dishwasher safe! Do not use any abrasive sponges or similar devices.


Wood is a natural product, whose shades of color can vary. All wooden articles of our PLAYGROUND collection are neither dishwasher nor microwave safe.

Please clean the wooden items with a damp cloth only. Our wooden articles are properly sealed with a food-safe oil. If necessary, linseed oil can be used for a retreatment.

Products made of bamboo can be cleaned in mild, warm soapy water.


Placemats and coasters offered in our PLAYGROUND assortment are made of recycled leather (85%) and natural rubber (15%). The items can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Simply wipe off and polish it dry. Please note that they are not dishwasher safe!

This robust and durable natural material is water repellent, scratch resistant, light and colorfast as well as heat resistant up to 80°C.


As marble is a natural product, deviations in structure and color are possible. Items made of marble are not dishwasher safe and may not be used in the microwave or oven.

Please clean these items by using pHneutral detergents and warm water only. 

Be aware that prolonged contact with high-acid food (particularly citric acid or fruit acid) can affect the surface of the marble product. Also when placing coloring foods such as saffron or curry on the marble, discoloration may occur which can not be removed. This is especially true for articles made of light colored marble.


All melamine items offered in our product range PLAYGROUND are food-safe, BPAfree, hygienic, neutral in odor and taste, suitable for use in the freezer and dishwasher. For cleaning melamine products, please do not use abrasive cleansers/scouring sponges or chlorinated dishwasher detergents, as the melamine surface might be attacked or scratched.

Melamine articles are not microwavesafe or oven-proof! The material is only resistant to temperatures from -20°C to 70°C. Melamine should never be heated above 70°C.

Natural stone

The natural stone is a complete untreated natural product, which can lead to deviations in color, structure and size. 

The natural stones have a porous surface and therefore stains (esp. grease) are difficult to remove. Be aware that prolonged contact with high-acid and greasy food (particularly citric acid or fruit acid) can affect the surface of the stone.

Please clean these stones by using a damp cloth and pH-neutral detergents. To maintain a long-term good look, natural stones may be treated with cooking oil from time to time.


The platters with a polyester core are also food-safe, BPA-free, hygienic, neutral in odor and taste and suitable for dishwasher and freezer, but not to be used in a microwave or oven. The platters’ top and bottom have a textured surface in a natural wood or slate look. This texture improves the grip.

These platters have an extraordinary chipping and scratch resistance. We grant a 5-year chipping guarantee for these products. The temperature resistance ranges from -50°C to +140°C.


Slate as a natural product can have slight variations in color, structure and size, which are unavoidable due to the material’s characteristics.

Slate is not oven-proof, dishwasher-safe or microwave-safe.

Please clean these items by using a damp cloth and pH-neutral detergents only. Please do not use abrasive cleansers / scouring sponges, as the slate surface might be attacked or scratched.

Note that it is difficult to remove stains (esp. grease) from natural slate. To maintain a longterm good look, slate may be treated with cooking oil from time to time. Be aware that prolonged contact with high-acid food (particularly citric acid or fruit acid) can affect the surface of the slate item.

Please note that slate products chip easily, which can result in sharp edges. Therefore please use slate products with utmost care.


Within our assortment PLAYGROUND, all articles made of stoneware are dishwasher safe, heat-resistant, suitable for microwave and freezer. Due to the surface texture of some stoneware products, metal marking and scratching sounds can occur. This metal marking can easily be removed with an appropriate cleanser and does not impact functionality and hygiene in any way.


The presented bread-paperbags are made of sustainably generated natural materials. The material is a mixture of cellulose and latex and can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C. The product is tearproof, durable and can be ironed at suitable temperatures, if required.