Barbecue time! 

Barbecuing in a nutshell: the stoneware plate Coast & Country with a cast-iron look captivates with “integrated” draining grills. A brilliant idea! This way, grilled and fried food stays crispy for longer and the breadcrumb coating remains on the schnitzel. Yet, there is still plenty of surface area to cut as usual.

Crazy, sexy, cool 

Definitely not for romantics. This gastronomic style rocks the joint and is more for adrenaline junkies. A dark, masculine look vigorously sweeps away decorative baubles from the table, creating space for natural vintage style pushed to the extreme.

Gritty and manly. Take, for example, thick wooden boards made from solid Russian oak, cut with a chainsaw and imbued with linseed oil. Vegetable crisps are placed in a stainless steel container. Place mats made from recycled leather and natural rubber unite tactile aesthetics with functionality and the conservation of resources.

Heavy Metal

Serving with an industrial style – the purest version of shabby chic, making not only men’s hearts beat faster. The dining platforms are straightforward NARA stoneware with a surface that brings to mind the rough, tangible beauty of cast iron.

Best of all, the combination with hammered stainless steel makes a brilliant contrast and emphasizes the craftsmanship of cooking. Such contrasts allow you to create interesting tension when presenting food – between cool functionality and warm refinement.

‘I always say that I do not think of myself as a chef. I try to be a storyteller.’


A natural spectacle

Off the beaten track. To pique the curiosity of guests, PLAYGROUND likes to venture into uncharted territory. Why not bring items to the table that people have never seen before in restaurants? One example is natural stones. They bring cool mineral effects into play and look like compact nests, presenting their contents like treasures.

Rough table companions. Natural stones push the idea of ‘natural presentation’ to the limit. Each find is truly unique, picked and smoothed by hand. Every item has its own particular charm.

Nonchalant way

It looks improvised yet is an elegant setting for simple food. The XL ANANTI menage offers even more possibilities for use. Here it appears with a marble platter and rice bowl.

Quality food – processed and prepared with honesty. An identity you can feel and see. Origin you can taste. Simply good!

Hearty humor

When it comes to presenting meals, some restaurateurs prefer to speak in clear terms and push the limits of a rough-and-ready, masculine dynamic: leather, metal, stone, solid wood and dark colour schemes. The perfect ambience, and not only for dry-aged T-bone steak. The serving chutes made of oak are unique hand-crafted pieces with small charming grooves and roughness.