Comfort food

In the realms of politics, family and work, we are living in turbulent times. Going back to what we know is a great help. The latest trend in cuisine tastes like home, childhood, security, and simple solutions. And takes us straight to a nostalgic comfort zone.

Down-to-earth simplicity

The renaissance of regional cuisine indicates a public appetite for authentic dining experiences. A natural, handmade style of presentation is the perfect fit. Honest, casual, touchable. The world is complicated enough! Presenters made of old wood and serving boards made of marble. Traditional materials presented with a modern touch invite for a snack …

‘Home is not a single place, but a community of common feelings.’

Epigraph, Gallery of Contemporary Art Hamburg


A sense of home

NARA stoneware with an effect glaze in warm shades of grey brings a sense of craftsmanship to the table. Old recipes served in a modern look. The puristic design of this cocotte made of stoneware with a silk-matte black glaze creatives surprising moments.