Something different

PLAYGROUND is not for bores. The ever-expanding range of trendy tableware offers more than a few ideas for culinary presentations that are simply unconventional, unheard of or even revolutionary. Hot stuff, you might say. Much of it designed exclusively for PLAYGROUND. Who else? Or in other words, over-the-counter doping to meet the desire for gastronomic experimentation.

‘Cooking is a language through which we can express harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humour, provocation and culture.’


Show-stopping presentation

Travelled a lot. Seen a lot. Tried a lot. Guests today are experienced diners. In order to make them curious about your own gastronomical statements, you have to come up with more than a traditional set table with a starched tablecloth.

Piling it on high

Invented exclusively for PLAYGROUND: vertical food presentation with the Amuse-Tower. Here the dimensions of space and time are twisted around. What is the order? What comes first? A puzzle – or an open invitation.

PLAYGROUND unlocks playful instincts. The Amuse-Tower is a wonderful example of this. Diners become explorers. Premium-quality containers of different shapes made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass can be stacked or used individually. Ideal for four courses or a culinary quartet.

Fascinating natural beauties

Granted, they are not practical. Not stackable. Not dishwasher safe, either. But what a statement! Voluminous glass domes, hand-blown in the Czech tradition. A spectacular extravagancy for the table, made from the purest lead crystal. Perfect for creative presentations.

Luxurious minimalism

Marble is back! The natural majesty of this noble material gives rise to magnificent contrasts and modern accents when casually combined with semi-gloss melamine. Deciding to exploit the luxurious flair of this favourite stone from ancient times is to put your trust in a must-have decorative material, and one that can also create unforgettable moments of pleasure through skilful presentation.

Try a new architecture of presentation

Pleasure in portions at different levels: PLAYGROUND offers highly unusual items and accessories using extraordinary materials and designs. Perfect for minimalist presentation as well as uninhibited opulence. The basic concept is playing with variety and diversity.

Take, for example, the small, fine ANANTI dining terraces: discover sophisticated oak menages in combination with exquisite NARA stoneware with a fashionable crackle glaze. What better proof that ceramics also cut a good figure in fine dining? Charming restaurant scenes are born when skilfully combined with leather table mats in natural tones.