Street food style

There is a growing international fan base for food trucks and healthy street food. It is not only urban hipsters who are flooding into street food market halls and food trucks from Los Angeles to Kreuzberg in Berlin in search of healthy fast food. The same trend spilled over into the gastronomic scene some time ago, resulting in inventive presentations of once-scorned convenience food.

Fresh and fancy. PLAYGROUND brings the street lifestyle to your restaurant with a variety of original serving concepts. From tins and miniature frying baskets to simple disposable soup bowls. Or why not serve street food as flotsam and jetsam in a real coconut shell – natural bowls in three sizes?

Return of the hot dog

Long frowned upon and now brought back into society, classic snacks like hot dogs and burgers are celebrating a triumphant revival. Indeed, these erstwhile street urchins of the gastronomy scene can now be found even in gourmet restaurants – with a sophisticated twist.

To please foodies, PLAYGROUND presents such dishes on plates made from acacia wood with an elegant grain, for instance. For the snack bar feeling, there are also paper napkins and cucumber salad in a paper bowl. This robust, disposable tableware is made from 70% sugar cane and 30% FSC wood cellulose.

Paper mates! Sustainable disposable tableware

No more paper plates and plastic dishes. Disposable tableware from PLAYGROUND has a surprisingly pure style. On top of this it is made from sustainable materials and is fully biodegradable. The plates and bowls are waterproof, fat-resistant and suitable for microwave use. An environmentally friendly solution for the modern street food scene and catering companies.

The look and feel of natural materials are translated into a design that is simple and stylish, meeting the needs of today’s hospitality industry.


‘When cooking, I went from the complicated to the simple. That is true art.’

Flotsam and jetsam

Coconut shells, unique pieces from nature. Discovered as sustainable bowls for natural ingredients and surprising presentations.